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Transnational Teaching and Learning in Child and Youth Welfare

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Editore: Fondazione Zancan
Codice ISBN: 978-88-88843-77-3
Anno di pubblicazione: 2015
Autore: Julia Mirsky, PhD and Ludmila Rubinstein, PhD (Editors)
Numero di pagine: 182



CHAPTER 1: TACHYwe - What is it about? (Wolfgang Schröer, Alia Herz-Jakoby, Alice Altissimo)

CHAPTER 2: Challenges and promises in developing joint international courses on migration and child and youth welfare (Stefan Köngeter, Mikhail Firsov, Itzhak-Alwin Lander, Irina Maevskaya, Anat Zeira)

CHAPTER 3: Transnational curricula for social work courses (Stefan Köngeter)

Segment 1: Rights of children and youth in multi-cultural and unjust societies (Sylvia Fargion, Hanita Kosher, Wolfgang Schröer)

Segment 2: Developing cultural competence in working with children and youth from diverse communities (Julia Mirsky, Irina Namestnikova, Elena Studenova)

Segment 3: Sociological and psychological aspects of migration and cross-cultural transition among children and youth and the implications for social work practise (Itzhak-Alwin Lander, Stefan Köngeter, Elena Shilkina, Olga Podolskaya)

Segment 4: Institutional care: Historical and contemporary cross-national comparative perspectives (Eoin O'Sullivan, Anat Zeira, Wolfgang Schröer, Stefan Köngeter, Maren Zeller, Svetlana Smirnova, Igor Kunshenko)

Segment 5: Children on the move: Care for migrant children and adolescents across borders (Sheila Greene, Irina Namestnikova, Elena Studenova, Mikhail Firsov)

Segment 6: Life situations of migrant children and adolescents: Military conflicts, poverty, violence, trauma, minorities, racism (Orit Nuttman-Schwartz, Cinzia Canali, Ayelet Noam-Rosenthal)

Segment 7: (Trans-)Migration and Youth (Stefan Köngeter, Ayelet Noam-Rosenthal)

CHAPTER 4: International student exchange (Dorothy Zinn, Silvia Fargion, Michelle Share, Lorraine Swords, Orit Nuttman-Shwartz)

EPILOGUE (Anat Zeira)

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